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Year 3/4


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Spring Newsletter

Homework Challenge!        

This term we have a Homework challenge for you that is all about

European Countries

This term as part of our Creative Curriculum work we are studying WW1. Our homework challenge for this term is to investigate a European country. What is that country like ?

Choose a country to investigate. What can you find out about the country eg weather, food, clothes, housing? What is their capital city? What is their national flag?

You can record what you find out in any way you choose eg.

  • Writing a non-fiction account , a story or poem that includes your country.
  • Producing some art or craft work that reflects your country.
  • Producing a fact file with details of the country
  • Producing a powerpoint
  • We are giving you plenty of time to develop this challenge and hope your family enjoy getting involved with it! We would like to see your work by Friday 16th November


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