Hookstone Buddies

What are Hookstone Buddies?

The Hookstone Peer Support Group started in 2009.  Our Peer Support Group or “Buddies” consist of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils who are here to offer help, support and guidance to all Hookstone pupils at certain playtimes. 

Where can I find them?

Our Buddies will be out and about in the playground wearing their blue Buddy Sweatshirts.

How can they help me?

If you have a problem or are worrying about anything at school, the Buddies are there to help you.  If your problem is simple, it may be that the Buddies can help you straight away.  However, if the Buddy cannot help you straight away, they will ask you if it would be ok to speak later or talk to an adult or teacher who may be able to help.

If you would like to speak to a Buddy you can put your name in the Buddy Box at the back of the school hall.  A Buddy will then come and find you to see if they can help.

What can I talk to the Buddies about?


  • You are feeling left out or alone at playtime and don’t know what to do?
  • You have fallen out with friends and need someone to help you talk things through?
  • You have a problem, maybe understanding a piece of school work or are having difficulties at lunchtime and feel too embarrassed or upset to talk to a grown-up?

Can I trust the Buddies?

Hookstone Buddies have been trained to help.  All our Buddies know that your problems or worries would only be made worse if they didn’t keep it private!  The Buddies have been taught how to listen carefully, understand your feelings and help you in a way that makes you feel comfortable.  Adults in school always support Hookstone Buddies.  The team have meetings with Mrs Kidd to help them carry out their role in school.

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