Parents & Carers

Parent Support Advisor


Hookstone Chase Primary School has a Parent Support Advisor (PSA),  who is available to support parents in many different ways.

  • A chance to express problems, concerns, anxieties or frustrations related to school or parenting.
  • The opportunity to explore solutions in a supportive, non-judgemental way.
  • A chance to identify and build on your strengths as a parent.
  • The opportunity to meet and link up with other parents.
  • To be directed to other professionals or put in touch with people able to offer more specific help.
  • Advice, signposting and support for matters to do with school, parenting, funding, housing and other general matters.

Everyday worries and concerns are difficult to hide from children and they can pick up on even the smallest of our anxieties. The way we deal with them can have an enormous effect on the way children cope at school, so please don't worry alone. We are here to support and help every family at Hookstone Chase.


A-Z Hotspots

The A-Z of Parenting Hotspots has been created as a quick reference guide to those common areas of parenting which causes the greatest headaches in every family! Click on the relevant Hotspot for more information and if you would like more help, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Kingston.


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