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At Hookstone Chase we recognise that the children will not be able to pick up on the   curriculum from the point which they left it prior to lockdown. Too much has happened. The recovery curriculum is a temporary solution to getting the children back to a place where they feel safe, emotionally secure and equipped with the necessary skillsets and learning behaviours that they need to learn well.  We have identified key objectives to revisit and consolidate in each phase and will not simply plough on at a pace from where we left off many months ago. Learning will be designed to be meaningful to the point where children are now, not the point where they were when lockdown commenced.

6 principals of nurture

Summer 2020-21

UKS2 Curriculum

KS1 Curriculum

Reception Curriculum

Spring 2020-21

UKS2 Curriculum 

LKS2 Curriculum

KS1 Curriculum

Autumn 2020-21

UKS2 Recovery Curriculum

LKS2 Recovery Curriculum

KS1 Recovery Curriculum

Reception Recovery Curriculum

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