Our School

Our staff


Miss V Watson - Headteacher


Mr K Parker -  Deputy Head Teacher/Teacher - Silver Birch Class (Y5/6)

Mrs M Henley - Teacher in Charge of Specialist Provision - Cherry Tree Class

Mrs S McMurray - Specialist Teacher - Part Time EMS

Mrs V Edwards - Specialist Teacher - Part Time EMS

Mrs C Hazell - Teacher Maple Class (Y5/6)

Mr I Hirst - Teacher, Hawthorn Class (Y3/4)

Miss H Holmes - Teacher, Horse Chestnut Class   (Y4/5) - SENCo

Miss M Smith - Teacher, Pine Class (Y1/2)

Miss H Chamberlain - Teacher, Holly Class (Y1/2)

Mrs Y Staines - Teacher, Oak Class (Mon-Weds) (Y2/3)

Mrs G Kidd - Teacher, Oak Class (Weds-Fri) (Y2/3)

Mrs J Charlton - Teacher, Beech Class (Y3/4)

Mrs Fitzgibbon - Teacher Willow Class (Y1/2)

Mrs S Armstrong - Teacher - PPA Cover

Miss C Bridgeman - Teacher, Sycamore Class (Reception) (Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs,)

Mrs L Merrett - Teacher, Sycamore Class (Reception) (Fri)

Mrs K McCarthy - Teacher - Rowan Class (Reception)

Mrs C Rowe - HLTA PPA Cover

Teaching Assistants

Mrs P Rumford - Sycamore Class

Mrs S Jacobs - Sycamore Class

Mrs M Edwards - Rowan Class

Mrs S Grant - Horse Chestnut Class

Mrs C Reid - Willow Class

Mrs V Wiltshire - Holly Class

Mrs S McCann - Beech Class

Mrs S Dobson - Hawthorn Class

Miss J Kingsley - Oak Class

Mrs C Warrington - Pine Class

Mrs M Griffiths - Maple and Silver Birch Class

Mrs J Shepherd - Specialist Provision

Mrs H Clough - Specialist Provision

Inclusion Manager

To be reappointed

Administrative Staff

Mrs J Allan - Administrative Officer

Mrs C Chang - Administrative Assistant

Mr P Stell - ICT Technician - Tuesday pm

Mrs J Fowler - Administrative Assistant Specialist Provision - Tuesday PM and Friday AM

Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs S Hardcastle

Midday Supervisors

Mrs G Bradshaw

Mrs S Dobson

Mrs M Edwards

Mrs S McCann

Miss J Kingsley

Mrs C Warrington

Mrs K Waters

Mrs C Reid

Mrs S Jacobs

Mrs V Wiltshire

Catering Staff

Mrs Watson

Mrs Davaux

Miss Wilford

Mrs Kaur

Caretaker & Cleaners

Facilities Management - North Yorkshire

maple (5)Oak class (1)Silver Birch (2)Sycamore (5)

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